HI, I'm Danielle Bigby

I am a life + health coach who's passion for fueling women's dreams has lead me to business coaching and personal development . I lead group programs and work 1:1 with powerful women from around the world to co create the lives of their dreams.

Over the past 8 years I have done deep transformative work myself, through coaches, yoga, therapy and group programs. Finding your support system is the most important aspect of transformation, I'm honored you have found yourself here with me!


My journey is proof you can create your own reality.


I was a lost, broke ex hairdresser/bartender and now I live a life of financial freedom and wellness. I have a daughter, a wildly successful partner. We live tri-coastal and I have launched my own online career to compliment our travels. 

That's my dream reality! What's yours? Let's propel you into your destiny and purpose. I want to see you thrive!


the career edition




I think having that ability to trust this process is one of my most utilized tools in my success that is why I offer this free workshop online every quarter.


I will teach you how to put in your order and claim your dream career or level up just like I did. 


Do you have big dreams, but feel stuck?


Maybe you don't even know what your passions are?

This signature workshop is more than goal setting and pretty vision boards.

I have mad a ton of mistakes in manifesting and in my career, so I am here to give you a leg up and be

transparent with you so that you can bypass some of those hard lessons and begin to curate the life of your dreams and step in to your own power!

If you...

  • Have passion that you want to share with the world?

  • You want to create your own schedule and work from anywhere?

  • You feel stuck in your job or career and want to level up?

  • You want to change your career all together?

  • You want to earn money by helping others?

  • You want to create a community and share your voice online?

  • You have a deep desire to live a life of purpose and have financial freedom?

....Then you can't pass on this.


MANIFESTING is so much more than magic. I mean, it's pretty fucking miraculous at times, but there actually a lot of techniques, mindsets, and vibrational changes that are available to make manifesting intentional. Andddd it doesn't have to be hard. You can become so fluid that it feels as simple as sending out your request in to the universe and waaaalllaaa!


...In this workshop we learn:

  • You learn how to identify and overcome belief systems holding you back from really manifesting your dream life, career, relationship, or family even (ALL THE THINGS).

  • You learn how to become a vibrational match for that which you desire

  • You receive homework and journaling prompts

  • You will also get permission to write that shit down and let it go, surrendering to the process. Sometimes the work is feminine. 

  • Access to our "DRIVE BY MANIFESTING" FB group

What they're saying:


Mother + Entrepreneur

“Danielle, I am so inspired by this workshop. I have not stopped writing. Instead of feeling drained at the end of the day, I'm excited and thinking about my future. Im more productive in my day and feel hope for the first time in a long time.”​


Mother + Wife

“ OMG!! Danielle I just finished the replay of the workshop. IM SOOOOO INSPIRED. Thank you sooo much for doing this and sharing. I really needed this and it is just another way of the universe providing my path, with your words. Thank you, Thank you.

Alexandra Fabre, Mother + Entrepreneur

“This workshop has helped me begin a journey to self love and acceptance. I not only want good things but I truly believe and feel that they are happening and are going to happen. Danielle is genuine and honest and I can relate to her deeply. This year is going to be abundant!