It's all about the Conveniences You Can Accumulate To Have an Exceptional Experience in NYC

Trust me, traveling to NYC in the winter is rough, adding a baby to the equation only makes it more of a hustle. But I partnered with Swaydle to make it a little easier. Front door delivered baby gear (at an amazing price).

New Years Eve was a perfect excuse to pop back into the city for a quick little trip! Gabe's bar The Broken Shaker had a special live performance by reggae legend Sister Nancy that evening. It was their first NYE at the New York Broken Shaker location, so it seemed like a no brainer to be there for him to oversea and for us to grab a little winter vibes. (In Miami it hasn't dropped below 60 yet).

We arrived at hotel and our baby gear was waiting for us at the lobby! It was so nice to not have to lug anything with us or use a questionable travel crib, provided by the hotel. They were even nice enough to pack a sheet.

Traveling with an 18 month old provides it's own challenges but in the city, where the elements can be extreme enough it was really wonderful to arrive at the hotel to a designer crib and stroller! We picked out the Nuna Travel Crib and Nuna MIXX2.

If you are traveling to NYC or New Orleans Swaydle baby gear rental is available to you and the owner Melissa was so sweet to even give you guys a discount code for 15% OFF: DRIVEBYBIGBY2019

We were only there a few days and we got the full experience. We walked a gaziolion miles, shopped in SOHO. I got a New Years Eve outfit sponsored by my manifested Spectrum Cable refund, thank you. Had 3 date nights and we even got New Years Day Dumplings- a NY tradition. (If you want to know about what the heck manifestation is and hear that story click here).

Samaya loved CAMP its a Family Experience Store think the Ice Cream Museum for kids. It's free, you may have to buy a toy for your child, they get to play with every toy they have on sale. But the price points are great, we got a $6 squishy ball and that beanie and she was super happy.

All in all we had a blast in NY. See you soon.